There is no trust or truth in the beauty & hair community. With whistleblower IG accounts like @esteelaundry and @reissue, followers are losing faith that brands accurately represent their products, ethos or results. From casting to brand messaging, the consumer of today is more skeptical than ever that the information brands provide is fraudulent, misleading, or just plain marketing.

Retailers, like CVS, are embracing the un-retouched and un-doctored advertising approach, celebrating real beauty and authenticity in a digital world and industry where “real” has lost its meaning. When marketing outweighs trust, consumers feel that they are paying for the packaging instead of the true results.


Love Your Skin. Because winter months can be damaging to skin, CMM will take the month of February to remind followers to treat their skin with love. In combination with self-care, we will also celebrate body positivity and inclusivity under the umbrella of “Love Your Skin.” Texture swatches will speak to the ultra-hydrating properties of the products with facts about skin-health and consumer reviews overlaid on them. Macro shots of different body parts will be paired with the product and textures on the body. Pulled back shots will showcase the models loving Alba and their skin.

To communicate inclusivity, self-care, and love during the month of February while driving sales to key retailers of the Very Emollient products.


  • Increased brand awareness, growth and engagement

  • Brand credibility through tie to authenticity

  • Amplification and solidification of brand messaging