Alba Botanica



In taking on this campaign, CMM was faced with the following questions: How does Alba Botanica navigate this industry conception and use the conversation to its advantage? How do we celebrate real beauty and prove Alba Botanica is an authentic brand in a digital world where “real” has lost its meaning?

CMM understood that there is a lack of trust and truth in the beauty & hair community. With whistleblower IG accounts like @esteelaundry and @reissue, it’s become increasingly evident that followers are losing faith that brands accurately represent their products, ethos and results. From casting to brand messaging, the consumer of today is more skeptical than ever that the information brands provide is fraudulent, misleading, or just plain marketing.


During the winter season, when the weather can be damaging to the skin, CMM launched a “Love Your Skin” campaign to both remind followers to treat their skin with love (👏self 👏care👏), but also to celebrate body positivity and inclusivity. To highlight Alba’s Very Emollient line, un-doctored shots of models loving Alba and their skin were paired with texture swatches speaking to the ultra-hydrating property, and positive customer reviews proving brand love and loyalty.

In order to communicate the authenticity of all campaign content, as well as the unapologetic approach to loving the skin we’re in, the hashtag #AlbaUnretouched was created.

Since then the brand continues to use the hashtag in places outside social to drive consumer trust and generate brand awareness.


  • Increased brand awareness, growth and engagement

  • Generated brand credibility through tie to authenticity

  • Amplification and solidification of brand messaging