Dr Teal’s

Dwayne Wade Organic Partnership


Reposition Dr Teal’s as an everyday necessity for consumers- not just another drugstore deal. Our target spanned demographics, with a specific focus on the multicultural audience.


Dr Teal’s was a long-standing social client for five years, during which time the agency assisted in transforming the perception of the brand in the eyes of the target consumer. The agency did this by leveraging product launches into engaging content, as well as solidifying new organic partnerships with athletes and celebrities across industries, resulting in strong sales for the brand. (Previous relationships have included Dwyane Wade, Shaun T, Tess Holliday, Eva Chen and more.) 

To highlight one partnership example: CMM’s partnership with NBA basketball star Dwyane Wade began after he shared an organic Snapchat post on his love for Dr Teal’s. We promptly took advantage of this opportunity to send multiple packages of product and reach out to his agent, ultimately partnering with Dwyane’s team to coordinate organic posts in an effort to show Dr Teal’s the value of a partnership with a star of his caliber. This lead to a paid partnership opportunity that the brand is now considering for 2019.

Organic Partnerships, Content Production and Strategy, Art Direction, Digital Advertising, Influencer Marketing, Community Management, Reporting


  • Obtained organic social posts with Olympic athletes, fitness bloggers, actors and influencers through community management

  • Doubled Instagram follower count

  • Brand doubled its investment in CMM’s engagement strategy

Dwayne Wade Organic Partnership

  • Organic celebrity brand ambassador

  • Brand credibility through tie to major athlete

  • Increased visibility and impressions (Wade: 10.6M followers on Instagram)

  • Throughout the period of our relationship with Dwyane:

    • Instagram engagement increased by 30%

    • Instagram following increased by 14%