Fountain of Truth



CMM was called upon to support and amplify the launch of Giuliana Rancic’s new eco-luxe skincare line, launching entirely on it’s own e-commerce platform. The campaign utilized both social media and PR channels as crucial tools in driving brand awareness and purchase intent.


As the backbone for Fountain of Truth’s digital-first launch, CMM was involved from the very early stages of planning and crafting a digital launch strategy supported by sophisticated content, robust influencer programs and CRM list-building tactics.

Brand & Visual Identity, Brand Voice, Brand Partnerships, Content Strategy, Creative Direction, Content Production, E-Commerce Creatives, Social Support, POS & Digital Advertising, Influencer Marketing, Community Management, Reporting


  • Pivoted brand strategy from an HSN-supported launch to entirely digital platforms

  • Provided all creative assets for the brand’s digital launch

  • Launched brand’s social media channels

  • Gained 10k followers in first month of launch

  • Brand offered key position in Ulta stores, March ‘19

  • Facilitated notable celebrity & influencer engagement (Most notably, @KrisJenner)